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1. Establishment

IGT – Research and Development Centre for Gas Technology was founded in 1989 as a mixed-ownership company with the following founders – investors: “ENERGOPETROL SARAJEVO”, SARAJEVOGAS”, “TOPLANE-SARAJEVO”, “UNIS-TVORNICA PLINSKIH UREĐAJA”. IGT employs highly specialized personnel for tasks within its field of activity.

The main goals of the establishment of IGT were to create conditions for:

  • Continuous work on preparation, development and updating of technical regulations in the area of gas technology;
  • Implementation of technical regulations through organizing and carrying out tasks of testing and certifying equipment and facilities;
  • Organizing and carrying out research, development and expert activities in the area of expanding and directing the utilization of gaseous fuels and their rational use, as well as for ensuring safety, cost-effectiveness and reliability of installations and facilities;
  • Development of equipment in the area of gas technology, substitution of imports and cooperation within the country and abroad;
  • Working on unifying and coordinating the research and development activities in the former Yugoslavia, as well as following all activities on the international scene;
  • Professional training and improvement of personnel and information exchange.

At the time of its establishment, IGT was (and still is) the only institution of its kind within the territory of former Yugoslavia, and it was founded in Sarajevo as the geographical centre of former Yugoslavia, 10 years after the construction of the long-distance gas pipeline Zvornik-Sarajevo, and with the aforementioned goals. In a report by the United Nations/Economic Commission for Europe/Gas Centre, from July 1998, it was said that IGT was the only institution that dealt with introducing appropriate laws and technical standards into the gas industry.

2. Functions

Functions of IGT cover a mix of research and development service activities oriented towards specific customers. These functions are the following:

  1. Function of standardization of equipment utilized in the field of natural gas. This function is carried out towards the Institute for Standardization, Metrology and Intellectual Property, which prescribes appropriate standards, proposed by IGT;
  2. Equipment certification function, which IGT performs under the authorization of the Institute for Standardization, Metrology and Intellectual Property, is oriented towards equipment manufacturers and companies trading in imported equipment;
  3. Function of periodical equipment control is in a natural relationship with the previously mentioned functions of equipment standardization and certification;
  4. Function of development of equipment used in the area of natural gas, which relies on other functions of IGT that provide knowledge necessary for equipment development;
  5. Function of conceiving, introducing and implementing a quality assurance system (QAS) within the gas industry system;
  6. Function of professional training of personnel in the gas industry has an extraordinary significance considering the extremely low coverage of this issue matter in the curriculums of vocationally-oriented schools and higher-learning institutions;
  7. Function of research, consulting and development of pre-investment and investment studies in relation to gas network construction in residential communities, energy and industrial facilities;
  8. Designing and engineering function refers to smaller investment projects and also includes supervision, commissioning and functional and warranty testing on the facilities that use natural gas;
  9. Function of scientific research in the field of natural gas utilization, i.e. development of equipment for its utilization;
  10. Function of expert services in preparation of legislative and other regulations in the areas that are significant to the gas industry (environmental norms, regulations on standardization and inspection of equipment, spatial planning etc.);
  11. Publishing activity function includes publishing the gas industry magazine “GAS”, followed by the Bulletin of the Gas Association of BiH and other scientific and technical publications from the area of gas industry;
  12. Other research and expert functions are related to research within individual segments of activities in the field of gas industry and are oriented towards beneficiaries of that research (e.g. research of natural gas distribution model, improvement of natural gas measurement technologies, organizing natural gas consumption systems in residential communities etc.)

These functions within the concept of IGT’s business activity are transformed into programmes that it can offer to certain market segments, i.e. users of its services.

3. Positioning within the society

Users of IGT’s services are organizations which are involved with their activities in the gas industry system in BiH, and those are:

  • Gas distribution companies in BiH and the region (Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia);
  • Gas transmission companies in the region;
  • Companies dealing with heat and/or electricity generation from natural gas;
  • Importers and manufacturers of gas equipment;
  • Ministries and government institutions at all government levels;
  • Financers of scientific research projects.

In providing services to its business partners, IGT relies on its rich experience in its narrow field of specialty, as well as on the expert support of the German Scientific and Technical Association for Gas and its institutes (GWI Essen, Brenstoffinstitut Freiberg, Engler-Bunte-Institut Heidelberg), while it also establishes cooperation with the scientific and technical institutions in the region (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Sarajevo, Hrvoje Požar Institute Zagreb etc.)

4. Significant long-term agreements
  • Cooperation agreement with DVGW, that aims to establish efficient cooperation in the establishment and enhancement of technical safety in the gas industry and faster inclusion of the region into the European integrations, namely through establishment of harmonized legislative and technical regulations, as well as creating preconditions for implementation in practice;
  • Licence agreement which gives exclusivity to IGT and defines issues of distribution of DVGW-Gas technical regulations adapted to local conditions in the countries of Southeast Europe;
  • Agreement on business and technical cooperation with BH Gas;
  • Agreement on business and technical cooperation with KJKP Sarajevogas;
  • Agreement on business and technical cooperation with Srbijagas, Serbia;
  • Agreement on business and technical cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the “Sv. Kiril i Metodij” University, Skopje;
  • Agreement on business and technical cooperation with Ugetam Institute, Istanbul.
5. Personnel education
  • Course for gas appliance repairmen in cooperation with German Association for Technical Cooperation, GIZ, with the support of gas distributors and agents of gas appliance manufacturers – 17 attendants, 2012/2013;
  • Regular annual refresher and knowledge testing seminars for employees of gas distributors, 2009-2013;
  • Specialist courses for employees of gas distribution companies for the areas of: internal gas installations; construction, operation and maintenance of gas pressure regulation and consumption measurement facilities; construction, operation and maintenance of gas distribution networks and household gas connections; cathodic protection; on-call service and gas detection, 2007/ 2008/ 2009;
  • Course “Gas Technology Fundamentals ” for all employees of KJKP “Sarajevogas”, 2004-2007;
  • Organized international seminar on technical regulations for internal gas installations, 2003;
  • IGT, in cooperation with the German Institute for Gas and Water (DVGW), organizes various courses and seminars for fitters, engineers and management staff from the field of gas utilization, distribution and transmission; 24 courses held with approximately 300 attendees;
  • Workshops on implementation of DVGW technical rules in cooperation with DVGW experts, 2003-2013;
  • Two-year training for lecturers in 7 experts fields within gas technology in cooperation with DVGW, 2004-2006;
  • Participation in implementation of curriculum for the first generation of master fitters of gas installations and appliances, 2004-2006;
  • Prepared curriculum for the vocation “master fitter of gas installations and appliances” (5th grade) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Sarajevo Canton, KJKP Sarajevogas and Secondary Metalworking School, Sarajevo, 2004;
  • Courses for fitters of internal gas installations, 1992-2012;
  • Course for education of workers on gas facilities in Cement Factory Kakanj, 1997;
  • Courses held (40 courses for around 650 attendees) for mechanical engineering specialists in energy – thermal energy, complexity category: attendants and operators of heating system boiler facilities. The attendees came from different companies that have their own boiler facilities for heating and/or technological processes;
  • In 1994, organized a training for fitters of the metered part of internal gas installations with threaded connections (for approximately 100 attendees) in cooperation with IRC;
  • Tasks of control and testing of gas firebox installations and tasks of training of operators (training for approximately 25 investors in the city);
  • From 1989 to 1992, held training and seminars in: Makpetrol Skopje, Crvena Zastava Institutes Kragujevac, PU “Toplane-Sarajevo”, CF Kakanj, “N. Izvor”- brickworks in Zvornik.
6. Library and publishing activity

Technical library of IGT includes approximately 3.600 titles in its fund. It has been bibliographically processed and organized and arranged in a database containing: books, magazines, standards, catalogues, studies, various lectures and other documentation. The standards library possesses relevant issues of ISO, DIN, EN, JUS and BAS standards, as well as the complete DVGW-G and GW regulations in electronic form and in the full format.

Since its very establishment (in 1989), IGT has had a developed publishing activity, as a result of the endeavour to secure basic literature of good quality. IGT had begun publishing a scientific and technical magazine “GAS”, whose editorial board consisted of the most prominent experts from the whole Yugoslavia, as well as experts from DVGW and IGT. Unfortunately, the war activities stopped the publishing of this magazine, so that only five issues came out. The fifth issue of this magazine was printed during the war in 1992 and it was distributed in 1993 to the participants of the IGU Conference in Milan.

Since 2006, i.e. since the establishment of the Education and Competence Centre of the gas Industry, and for the needs of examinations of certified gas industry trainers, a great amount of educational material, lecture notes and brochures was produced.

In 2000, Gas Association in BiH launched the Bulletin of the Gas Association. IGT was entrusted with the role of the Bulletin publisher. To date, 25 issues have been published, containing latest information from the natural gas industry, energy and environmental protection.

During its long activity, IGT published a great number of lecture notes and brochures. Some of them are:

  • Brochure “All-Round Utilization of Natural Gas”;
  • Brochure ““Efficient and Economical Utilization of Natural Gas in Households”;
  • Brochure ” Technical Rules for Gas Industry “;
  • Brochure ” Technical Regulations for the Gas Sector in Countries of Southeast Europe”;
  • Brochure ” Competence and Education Centre of Gas Technology”;
  • Brochure ” Together into Europe”;
  • Lecture notes for the vocation “mechanical engineering specialist in energy – thermal energy “;
  • Lecture notes for repairmen of gas appliances;
  • Multilingual (Bosnian, English, German, Turkish) Gas Industry Dictionary/Lexicon with over 7000 terms and definitions and several hundred graphical illustrations.
7. Organization of seminars and conferences
  • From 27th to 29th February 2012, the 5th International Gas Conference of the region of Southeast Europe “Natural Gas in the Light of New Intentions on the Energy Market” was held.
  • From 11th to 13th February 2009, the 4th International Gas Conference of the region of Southeast Europe “Role of Natural Gas in the Region of Southeast Europe in the Coming Decade” was held.
  • From 14th to 16th February 2006, the 3rd International Gas Conference of the region of Southeast Europe “Perspectives of Regional Cooperation in Creation of the Gas Market of Southeast Europe and Connecting with the European Union” was held.
  • From 13th to 14th October 2003, the Regional Expert and Business Conference and Exhibition on the topic of “Natural Gas Vehicles in Southeast Europe” was held.
  • During 2002 and 2003, in cooperation with DVGW, several seminars were held on the topic of gas transmission, distribution and utilization.
  • From 16th to 20th October 2002, the event “Natural Gas Days” was held.
  • From 07th to 10th November 2001, the 2nd International Conference on the topic of “Legislative and Technical Regulations in the Gas Sector of Countries of Southeast Europe” was held.
  • From 27th to 28th October 1998, the 1st International Conference of gas experts, “International Consultative Meeting of Gas Experts” was held.
  • From 17th to 20th June 1991, in Sarajevo, the International Conference GAS-JUS was held on the topic of “Proposals of Technical Norms and Standards for Internal Gas Installations”, within which the Exhibition “Gas for Home” was also held.
  • In May 1990, the first Seminar for a broader circle of participants was held in Sarajevo on the topic of “Presentation and Expert Discussion on Adopted Regulations and Standards in Accordance with Official Gazette No. 9/90 and 10/90”.
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