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D E S I G N,  D E S I G N  R E V I E W,  W O R K S  S U P E R V I S I O N

IGT is authorized for designing facilities and parts on buildings, namely: design of facilities and pipelines in the field of oil and gas and in the field of mechanical engineering.

IGT has over 25 years of experience in this field and provides services in the following range of activities:
  • Development of conceptual designs, general designs, final designs and as-built designs from the field of gas transmission and distribution, as well as district heating systems
  • Review of designs from all the mentioned fields (gas transmission and distribution, boiler houses, district heating systems), as well as supervision of work execution.

For the needs of designing, design reviewing and supervision of, IGT has at its disposal 5 graduate mechanical engineers and one master of technical sciences with passed examination of vocational ability and experience of over 10 years, as well as a large number of external consultants from the industry and the university.


IGT possesses an authorization for performing activities on designing facilities and certain parts on buildings, namely: designing of facilities and pipelines from the field of oil and gas and the field of mechanical engineering, No. UPI 03-23-3-43/11, issued by the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment, on 21.06.2011.


For design purposes, IGT uses computer programmes STANET and AutoCAD.


Within its work to date, IGT has completed the following projects:
  • General design of a 100 mbar gas distribution pipeline for the areas of local communities of Buci, Kralupi and Goduša, Visoko Municipality, 2014
  • Design review and supervision of work execution on the compressed natural gas refuelling station (CNG refuelling station) Butile, 2012
  • General design of a 4 bar gas pipeline for Visoko Municipality, 2012
  • General design for degassing of phase 1 landfill cells (cells 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) “Mošćanica Regional Landfill d. o. o.” Zenica, 2011
  • General design of a district pressure reducing station and gas distribution network for residential communities of: Donje Moštre, Gornje Moštre and Poriječani –Visoko Municipality, 2010
  • General design of a gas distribution network and pressure regulating stations for residential communities: Arnautovići, Milići and Gračanica, Visoko Municipality, 2009
  • General design of a gas distribution network and district pressure regulating station for the residential community Prijeko, Visoko Municipality, 2007
  • General design of a refuelling station for natural gas vehicles; KJKP Sarajevogas – Butila, 2005
  • General design for reconstruction of the boiler house of the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering (Buća Potok, Sarajevo), 2005
  • Project of digitization of technical regulations for DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water), 2003
  • Design, supervision, consulting and development of technical regulations under the project of gas network construction in the town of Visoko (Visokogas), (1999/2000)
  • General design of the facility for storage of liquefied petroleum gas for refuelling vehicle tanks, for the need of JP “GRAS”, 1998
  • Review of the general design for conversion of the “Kosjerić” cement works, 1991
  • General designs for roof gas boiler houses for the City Hall and Tobacco Factory Sarajevo, 1990
  • General designs for conversion of boiler houses from liquid to gaseous fuel in Kragujevac, 1990
  • General design for conversion of technological furnaces and equipment of the Copper and Aluminium Mill in Sevojno, 1990.